Google Workspace is unquestionably the most comprehensive, easily-integrated and user friendly cloud management system available today, and Evolution Marketing makes the process of getting set up easy, fast and affordable.  Not only can you enjoy the perks of personalized email addresses and lightning fast document management in the cloud (accessible from any device anywhere in the world), you’ll also have a fully-integrated system that allows you to communicate, organize and create everything you need to run your business more efficiently online.

Here are just a few of the advantages of managing your business with a Google Workspace account, and Evolution Marketing streamlines the process by handling each phase of implementation.

  • Customized e-mail addresses with your business domain name
  • Easily connect with staff, clients, customers and prospects on one platform
  • Fully integrated creation tool for presentations, documents and more
  • One of the most powerful and easy to use document management systems
  • Effortless access to all of your forms, documents and data on demand
  • Works across a broad spectrum of devices for seamless connectivity
  • Set up custom user groups, administrators, contact lists and devices
  • 24/7 live support from Google for immediate customer service
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  • Google Workspace MX Checker

Google Workspace signup

Gmail for Business

In my opinion there is simply nothing that compares to the functionality of Gmail for business. It is far more user friendly than some of the other popular (and more outdated) mail programs like Outlook, and has been designed to integrate seamlessly with documents, calendar applications and many others. Also, importantly, it provides the freedom to connect email addresses to domains for enhanced, consistent branding.

Google Drive

Even on a personal level, jumping back and forth between folders and email applications can be frustrating and time-consuming.  On larger scales it can result in redundancy that ends up costing businesses a great deal of time, data storage fees and miscommunication. Google Docs allows you to store and access the most common business documents right from your e-mail, including Word docs, spreadsheets, presentations and other essentials securely.

Google Meet

Sending email and waiting for a response can slow things down big time in any professional setting. With Google Meet you can see if your recipient is online, communicate instantly, share docs, and perform other actions that significantly cut down on delays and lost time.

Google Calendar

There are plenty of online appointment calendars out there, but few compare to the ease and accuracy of Google's integrated calendar. It allows you to monitor meeting recipients as they accept or decline, provides auto reminders for upcoming events and many other cool features.  And since it's part of the Google Workspace, you won’t have to search too far for docs and other meeting tools.

Bolster Your Professional Image While Simplifying Online Operations

If organization, efficiency and high-powered branding are important to your organization, Google Workspace is definitely something you need to look into.  It’s literally changing the way businesses grow and thrive, and we’ve set up countless Google Workspace for clients in a wide spectrum of sizes and industries.

To learn more about the many advantages of having Evolution Marketing set up your Google Workspace account, get in touch by calling 585-981-8463.