Pinterest Business Setup & Management

Every Pin on Pinterest is an idea—like a recipe or an outfit—that links back to the website it came from. When you give Pinners a good idea, they’ll want to try it. They’ll engage with your Pin by saving it or visiting your site.


Plus, when someone saves your idea, it spreads to more people through search results, feeds, and recommendations. That’s how you get discovered on Pinterest—and that’s why a single Pin can drive tons of brand awareness, engagement, and referral traffic--all for free! And you can always promote your Pins to get them in front of even more people.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from Pinterest?

If you market or sell products online, you stand to do very well with Pinterest. Users create their own unique boards featuring their favorite photos, websites, and more, which other users can then view, share, and pin to their own boards. This presents a unique opportunity for online merchants to showcase their newest and best-selling products online with the added benefit of a personal endorsement and viral potential.

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How Easy is Pinterest to Use?

If you have ever created an online photo album or set up an image folder on your computer, you will have no trouble mastering Pinterest. It has been designed so that everyone can easily upload and manage their pages, regardless of skillset or the need for advanced marketing skills.

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How Can I Use Pinterest to Increase Sales?

Not only can you use it to increase sales, but Pinterest can serve as a powerful branding tool for your line or store. The more your product photos are pinned to user boards, the more exposure you get. And as your exposure increases, so does your fan base. This can ultimately result in a significant increase in online visitors to your website as well as your Facebook or LinkedIn profile pages, should you choose to direct users there.

Pinterest Photo Dimensions

  • ● Cover photo 800x450
  • ● Board Thumbnail 222x250

Pin Examples

Board Example

Cover Example

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