If you’re among the many businesses and professional organizations who rely on e-mail marketing, digital newsletters and other forms of online correspondence, you already know the importance of timing, accuracy and quality content.  E-mail blasts can be effective when they’re done properly, just as they can be useless when thrown together in haste.

At Evolution Marketing we understand how important e-mail marketing is to those who use it regularly, and have developed an innovative system that promotes stronger open and click-through rates, with the freedom to send beautiful emails that your prospects and customers will actually want to read.

Example of an Email Template

  • Create your own custom email or have us create and manage it for you
  • The easiest email marketing software available with full management tools
  • Perfect for businesses and professionals who do newsletters and promotions
  • Effortless list and database management from our user-friendly CMS
  • Monitor open and click rates, respond instantly to inquiries and more…
  • Integrated CRM tools to help manage contacts, promotions and campaigns

Get the Most from Your E-mail Marketing with Evolution Marketing

If you’re not getting the response you’re hoping for with your current e-mail blast system, maybe it’s time to step up your game. Evolution Marketing is one of the most trusted names in New York for email marketing, and we invite you to learn what sets our team and services apart.

Learn more by calling us at 585-348-8127 to learn how we can help, or write to Evolution Marketing though our website’s secure contact page and we’ll be happy to get you started.