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Are you looking for someone who can customize your Google Analytics dashboard or help you navigate and configure your account properly?

Do you want to know where your website leads are coming from, what type of people browse your website, what type of device they are using to find you, mobile or desktop, and all other statistics? We can help!

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Are you investing money in Social Media, Google Ads, Website maintenance, SEO, Radio, TV, etc?

Having us configure your Google Analytics will provide you a transparent solution to help determine what marketing is performing the best. By having your Google Analytics set up correctly you will easily be able to identify the best-converting marketing strategy. Example: If you're paying $24,000/year on Facebook maintenance and advertising, but you're only getting 10 conversions that would be an example of wasted money when you could have allocated those funds into more effective advertising.

Below is an example of a breakdown of conversions based on source.

Below is a neat picture of what Google Analytics used to look like back in 2013!

Let’s set up your Google Analytics account!

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