If you are looking to engage with customers in real-time, promote a special or new product, or just be part of a fast-paced social media channel, Xr is the perfect asset for your business!


There are so many great options when it comes to organic, or even paid, content through X. At Evolution Marketing, we look into real-time data to get you the best results for reaching your current and new customer base.

Increase Sales through Engagement

X is a great source of real-time engagement with your customers, keeping them up to date on the latest your company has to offer or simply improving your customer service funnel. If you truly want to generate leads from a social media site, Evolution Marketing can help you on your way to that! When it comes to engagement, we recommend you follow these simple tips and tricks to keep your X relevant and thriving:

  • Retweet what your followers are saying about your business
  • Use hashtags to promote, engage, and reach new followers and current ones
  • Tag users in media and tag a physical location

Get Insight Into Your Customers' Trends & Needs

Using X goes further than just exchanging messages. You'll have a unique perspective into your customers' likes, hobbies, and other trend-based information, which can help you in presenting real solutions to those who need it.

If your sales have been sluggish despite superior products or prices, there's a great chance it has something to do with your lack of online social presence.

Still not sure where to start? Give us a call and we can help you decide if X is right for you!


For more information about our professional social media services, or to discuss new ways to grow your business, call Evolution Marketing today at 585-981-8463.

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