Adding custom videos to your website can unleash an entirely new level of visual depth, all while providing a visitor experience that’s far more rewarding.  At Evolution Marketing, we utilize custom website videos in a wide range of applications: homepage banners and product demonstrations, video channels, dedicated vlogs, and online presentations for staff, prospects, and clients.

Reach a broad audience and build awareness with Video

Video by Captivate Media

Brand Videos

A core video asset for every business that lives on the website that articulates customer benefit, creates trust, and urgency for a potential customer.

Event Recap Videos

Engage event-goers and get valuable footage to promote future events with an event recap video.


Creating dynamic FAQ videos offers a quick and engaging way for businesses to give their customers answers, enhancing user experience and boosting SEO.

Informational Videos

Be a helping hand and provide valuable information now about your product or service.  Build your customer loyalty by providing useful information relevant to your business.

Influential Topic Videos

Creates brand trust and influences buying behavior by positioning a brand as thought leaders and trustworthy providers.


Mini-Documentaries can be used to tell a deeper brand story. They are often used during fundraiser events to tell the story of those helped in an effort to raise more money for the cause.

  • An effective way to increase the visual aesthetics and appeal of your website
  • Adding custom videos can give your website a generous boost in SEO
  • Specializing in a wide range of lengths, formats, and social media platforms
  • Stock and custom homepage video banners for a strong visual impression
  • Affordable rates and fast service on website video production services

Product / Service Videos

People don’t read, they watch. Enhance top viewed pages of your website with video to better connect with and convert potential customers.

Social Media Promo Videos

Attracts attention and features actual products and services with direct messaging from a relatable perspective. Produced in vertical or horizontal format depending on the desired social platform.

Testimonial Videos

Gives an inside perspective from peers to reassure potential customers. These videos live on the website and can be shared by the sales team to influence buyers.

TV / Digital Commercials

Promote a specific product or service with a strong call to action. These videos are used to drive action through TV advertising, Social Media, YouTube, and Ad Network buys.

Website Video Banners

A stunning video at the top of your website's homepage will engage your users and keep them coming back. Tell your brand's story right when a customer goes to your page. 

Web Video is an affordable way to take your Web Presence to an exciting new level

From company websites and search engines to social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, there's a reason why so many successful organizations are using internet videos to attract customers and increase online traffic... they work.

Research has indicated that customers exposed to video, are 437% more likely to engage with you. In a given month, over 170 million US internet users watch videos; the equivalent of 83.5% of internet users. With so many people viewing videos, there's no reason to not utilize online videos to grow your business.

Web Videos are More Affordable than You Might Imagine

You've likely noticed the increase in web videos, but thought a good video would be too pricey. That is not the case. We produce high-quality, widescreen HD videos for local businesses that can be used on websites and all social media websites. We even offer affordable virtual tours to showcase your facilities to more customers and prospects.

A professionally produced video puts you ahead of your competition

These days, more people are looking for you on the internet. Let's get more customers to respond to your website, by creating a custom-produced HD video that tells your story.

Whether you’re looking to give your homepage a more interactive look, thinking of adding a video channel to your social media marketing, or simply want to add some zest to your existing site, Evolution Marketing makes adding custom videos easy and affordable.  Learn more about how videos can help your increase your online branding, or discuss your project with one of our staff by calling 585-981-8463 or writing to us through our contact page.