Cut out images are created by removing a specific object within a photo from its original background. Removing objects from your pictures and photos is a great way to present clean graphics on your website. Using the appropriate clipping tools, our graphic designers can cut out just the image you need while eliminating any inappropriate background imagery. We can then create a new background of your choice, insert, and blend the object into a new photo or graphic, or simply leave it floating with a clean white background.

Whether we’re creating your cut-out graphics from the artwork you provide, or designing the project from a blank page based on your specifications, you can have confidence that your finished work will be detailed and designed to grab attention. They can be made to accommodate a wide range of applications and sizes, from digital content to printed life-size cut-outs for trade shows, store promotions, and countless other events. 

Get in touch with Evolution Marketing to learn more about what makes us the best choice for cut-out graphic design services, or schedule time to discuss your project with our creative gurus. We’re based in Rochester, NY and proudly serve the needs of clients close to home and across the country. To get started, give us a call at 585-981-8463 or drop us a line via email through our contact page.