Search Engine Optimization

Your website may look amazing from a visual perspective, but if it’s not optimized in a manner that makes it easily indexed by the search engines, those pretty visuals won’t be seen by nearly as many visitors as you might be hoping for.


Behind each page is a world of strategic coding and search term optimization that can ultimately make or break your visibility potential; from the proper naming of images and use of header tags, to the meta data, page titles and dozens of other search essentials that many website developers tend to overlook.

Organic Traffic is Best for Conversions

At Evolution Marketing , SEO continues to be one of our core strengths and most popular services among businesses of every size and industry.

Whether you’re just starting out or well-established and looking to take your page rank to new heights, we have the experience and proven expertise to get you there.

  • All sites coded in accordance with current Google webmaster tools
  • Professionally-written content by writers with vast SEO knowledge
  • 100% white-hat SEO practices with no gimmicks or questionable tactics
  • Website pages are constantly reviewed to promote favorable page rank
  • Numerous Google certifications with ongoing SEO & webmaster training
  • Full optimization for e-commerce websites to help generate stronger sales

Server Error Fixed

This is exactly why you don't use WordPress because of how vulnerable it is. Below is a timeline showing how the hack started and how Evolution Marketing fixed it by rebuilding the website correctly and taking the proper steps necessary to fix this in Google. The website got hacked and had over 1.5 million errors! We came in and fixed them all!

Why is SEO Beneficial?

  • It is estimated that about 80% to 85% of all Websites found online are found through Google.
  • It has been studied that customers find that a site that has a higher rank than others is considered to be more of an authority than other lower ranking sites.
  • Search Engine Optimization does provide the owners of the site the chance to choose their keywords and phrases to best suit the genre of the website.
  • Having a quality SEO plan in place will not only bring in customers or visitors but can also increase your revenue.

There’s nothing worse than a good company with a poorly-optimized website. Don’t let all the hard work you invested in its appearance be spoiled by lackluster back-end SEO. Our team can tell you exactly what’s needed to ensure better page rank and visibility, and we offer free website reviews backed by detailed, easy to understand reports.

Let Evolution Marketing Ensure That Your Website is Properly Optimized

To get started or learn more about how we can help your website perform at its highest level, call Evolution Marketing in New York at 585-981-8463 or write to us through our contact page.