Okay, so you certainly don't need another web developer rambling on about the popularity or global impact of social media.  We're way beyond that point.  What many businesses and organizations fail to consider, however, is the very real impact it can have on your website traffic.

Moreover, there seems to be a mental roadblock when it comes to fully understanding just how many people conduct the majority of their social interaction on phones, tablets and other mobile devices.  It's not like the early days when only a handful of people had the technology or know-how to access sites like Facebook, Twitter and others on their phones.  Today, it's quite literally everywhere.

Significant Increases in Website Traffic

The screenshot below showcases this point perfectly.  At the time of this report, Surenews.com, an alternative news website,  had an average of 1800+ active website viewers on the site at this moment, with 78% of these visitors coming directly from Facebook.  And while this is just one example, ask yourself how your business would be changed if you had hundreds to thousands of people checking out your website at any given moment.

Live Traffic from Social Media

One of the clear and inarguable advantages of social media, is its ability to drive massive volumes of new and familiar visitors to your site.  Depending on what industry you're in, there are a number of ways to capitalize on this, including:

  • Blog articles on industry-related topics
  • New products or services showcased
  • Testimonials from customers or clients
  • Feature videos of your facility, staff or events

Website Hits on a High Bounce Rate Website

Prevent Losing Social-Based Marketshare

There's a flipside to consider, too.  By not having a strong social-media presence, you're inadvertently allowing your more social-savvy competitors to gain precious marketshare.  Many business owners continue to regard social sites as something they have no chance of benefiting from, but that's simply not true.

For every industry, there is a proper and improper way to go about marketing their products and services on Facebook and other major websites.  The trick is, knowing how to do it properly and in a manner that will attract the right prospects.