Too many times I've come across companies who, unfortunately, ended up working with website developers who knew very little about how to properly build, convert or track website performance.  In this new age of advanced algorithms, SEO and responsive websites, it is simply not enough to design a website and hope for the best.  I take a different approach; one aimed at proper development and conversion techniques, as well as monitoring and evaluating online traffic increases.

Case Study of Proper Website Conversion

Over the past two years I've been working with a company who provides firearm safety training.  They were initially using a very basic Wordpress website, with virtually no SEO and monthly traffic that was poor, to say the very least.

Organic Traffic Increase

After establishing a more detailed and user-friendly sitemap, a new responsive website was built based on Google preferred technology, complete with over 40 pages of keyword-rich content, a dedicated blog, updated class schedules, images, videos, regulatory information and more.  Almost immediately their traffic began to increase, as evidenced by the reports which were run during several phases of their launch.

Over the course of the first year, I closely monitored the site to determine the site's traffic improvements, bounce rates, and pages that were performing best.  This allowed me to make ongoing adjustments based on real statistics, in an effort to ensure that all pages were reaping maximum visibility.  Subsequently, they went from being almost non-existent on Google, to now coming up consistently on the primary search results page.

Work With a Web Developer Who Understands Conversions

If you recently hired someone to upgrade your company website, and it's not generating the results you expected, it's safe to assume that some key step was missed along the way.  I can review your site for free to determine any overlooked conversion vitals, while offering proven solutions on how to remedy the situation.