It remains well-known that websites with a lower bounce rate, coupled with good SEO practices, traditionally tend to rank higher on major search engines. Still there are companies out there who lose visitors every day; not just in the form of those who leave their websites instantly, but in the compounded loss that comes from visitors who never found them, on account of poor page rank caused by bad bounce rate.

What has become abundantly clear as of recently, is that your mobile site's bounce rate, will ultimately have a strong influence on how well (or poorly) your main website ranks. Bounce rate optimization is a critical component among properly-developed websites that are teeming with good SEO.

Understandably, many overlook the importance of having a mobile site that consistently loads fast, and without complications. The reality, however, is that you can have the fastest-loading and most complexly-layered site in your industry. But if you've yet to optimize your mobile site to score better bounce rates, your other efforts may be for naught. And that ain't cheap, son.

Why Improve Your Mobile Website's Bounce Rate?

It's not just about scoring points with the search engines and attaining the illustrious one-spot. If your mobile site is properly-optimized, you'll be presenting prospects and potential visitors, with access to a stress-free mobile site that actually opens fast every single time. They don't forget this, and here are a few other reasons to make sure your mobile site also scores low bounce rates.

  • An easy way to improve both mobile and website traffic
  • Mobile sites with best bounce rates traditionally rank high
  • Helps reduce the number of sales lost to competitors
  • Increased likelihood of being mobile bookmarked
  • Fast well-developed websites convey trust in customer minds
  • Shows customers you take your technology seriously

There was a time when mobile sites were just a luxury; and those days are long gone. Today it is extremely important to ensure that your mobile site opens fast, loads properly, and does not leave customers waiting, getting frustrated, and then waiting some more.

If you're concerned that your website is taking far too long to open, we can definitely help. We get the best results and rank, period.