The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has affected just about everyone who does business, regardless of their industry or location across the US.  This is especially true for digital marketing companies who have been forced to find innovative ways to keep their clients active, while ensuring that they’re taking sound measures to promote their success.  For many website developers, this has not been as easy as many might assume.  When the economy shuts down, so too does the need for new web builds, PPC campaigns and a myriad of other online services.

That said, here are a few ways to help maintain your revenues while ensuring that your clients remain both visible and viable while we all deal with the unexpected changes that have now become a reality.  For more information on how to stay successful during the COVID-19 outbreak, get in touch with Evolution Marketing and we’ll be happy to go over more creative options.

Update Your Client’s Websites as New Developments Break

Making sure that your active clients keep their own customers informed during the pandemic is an absolute must.  At the very least, it’s vital to update all homepages, About Us pages and contact forms with information pertaining to their current operational status.  As new developments present themselves, be sure to update these pages accordingly while strategically incorporating the appropriate SEO keywords and search terms.

Implement Banners, Dedicated Information Pages and Email Campaigns

If you’ve not already done so, this is an absolute must.  It takes very little to add a top-fold banner to a client’s homepage, to inform both new visitors and current customers where they stand in terms of closures, updated hours, policy changes and more.  Also, adding a dedicated blog page coupled with social media updates and ongoing email campaigns can help ensure steady activity in the eyes of customers and major search engines.

Use the Downtime to Expand Pages Weak in Content or Graphics

If you were to go through every web page on every client’s website, there’s a good chance that you’re going to come across pages that could use an update.  Whether it’s fresh content, new graphics, updated meta descriptions, splash page expansions, inner-links or anything else, there’s always an opportunity to improve your clients’ websites while the world remains on lockdown.

Reach Out to Essential Businesses Who Remain Open During the Pandemic

It’s easy to go into panic mode when something like this happens, but it should not result in losing site of new opportunities to connect with essential businesses who can benefit from your expertise.  This can include healthcare providers, pharmacies, carryout restaurants, grocery stores, essential retailers and many others.  Work with your sales staff to educate them on who they should be prospecting, and implement a plan to let them know how they can realistically provide value.

Let’s be honest… this is not an especially fun time for anyone who works for a living.  But if you make your living in the digital marketing realm, hope should not be lost.  For more information on how to keep active and thriving during these crazy days, or if you’re a business looking to work with a website developer who knows how to ensure ongoing revenues, get in touch with Evolution Marketing and we’ll do our very best to help.

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