Developing a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

As some of today's most SEO-savvy businesses know, Google AdWords can be an incredibly successful tool for generating revenue and sales.  When set-up and executed properly, Ad Words can serve as one of the best ways to attract customers who might otherwise never find you.  But therein lies the problem: far too many of todays' self-proclaimed experts really have no idea how to properly develop, manage or track a successful AdWords campaign.

Keep in mind that these campaigns are as unique as they are highly competitive, and even the slightest oversight can result in falling well short of hitting one's mark.  With this in mind, it is imperative that your campaign is managed by someone with experience and expertise with AdWords, as well as other forms of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, SEO and online marketing.

Google Certified Ad Words Partners Program

In an effort to give Ad Words customers a point of expert reference for their PPC efforts, Google upgraded the AdWords Partner program in 2013.  This includes a complex series of study guides and exams which can be taken by those who offer digital marketing services, as a means of establishing their proven skillset and expertise.  Those who successfully complete the courses come away with a more in-depth understanding of AdWord campaigns, including:

  • Google PartnerHow to properly implement and structure a Google AdWords campaign, based on the client's industry, geographic location and competition.
  • Ad content parameters, use of character limitations and the generation of headlines and effective, eye-catching phrase arrangements.
  • Ad Words campaign management, tracking, content rotation and other essential actions needed to ensure high visibility and click rates.
  • Conversion forms and tracking, to determine how many clicks turned into to phone calls and e-mail queries.
  • Practical applications and differences between display advertising, Google advertising and search engine advertising strategies.

Rochester NY's Only Google Certified Ad Words Partner

As the only certified partner for Google AdWords in Rochester NY, Sam Pizzo can ensure that your AdWords campaign is properly set up and perfectly aligned to target exactly the right prospects.  At the time of this writing I am the only certified Google AdWords partner in Rochester NY, and have made greats effort to establish myself as a true leader in the field of SEO and pay-per-click advertising.

Each phase of your campaign is conducted in the most professional manner possible, including the writing of your ad copy, ad placement and keyword targeting, campaign monitoring and management, edits, renewals and everything in between.  If you don’t have a knowledge of how the process works, it's okay… you don't need to.  You have enough to worry about with your company's day to day operations.  I have worked with businesses from virtually every industry imaginable, and can set everything in motion quickly, properly and effectively.

Google AdWords Certified Google Partner

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If your online traffic isn’t what you need it to be, an AdWords campaign is an excellent way to get the visibility you need to thrive.  As we've discussed however, it's not as simple as throwing a few phrases together and hoping for the best.  You need a proven expert who knows the system inside and out, as well as Google's preferences, trends and patterns.