Earning the illustrious and elusive position of a page one Google search result has become quite the complex endeavor.  How to get there?  It’s a question that haunts many of the most SEO savvy businesses, and still, so many overlook the little essentials that eventually help them find their way to that all-important first page of the search results.  We’ve written extensively on ways to improve website SEO, however there’s a topic that keeps coming up each time we build a new website or restructure one that’s a bit outdated.

Far too many companies ignore the potential that a perfectly-optimized service page can have when it comes to page rank. In light of how simple it is to write them in a way that keeps the major search engines happy, there's no reason to ignore this any further.  That said, here are a few things that you can do, right now, to ensure that your website’s service landing page is pulling its weight.

Avoid Generic Bullet Point Lists

Many business owners and content writers spend a great deal of time optimizing homepages, only to create service pages that are nothing more than boring bullet point lists.  Instead of going that route, consider using a combination of properly-named service thumbnail images, bold headers, and a short descriptive overview of each service offered.  Each of the aforementioned should include keywords and search terms relevant to the service in question.

Embed Essential Keywords

When creating and formatting website service pages, be sure to use the same keywords and search terms that prospective customers would be searching for.  For example, if you’re a digital marketing company who specializes in graphic design, you would want to say something along the lines of graphic design services, as opposed to just design or graphics.  Avoid clichés, keep it simple, and ask yourself if you would search the same phrases you’ve published on your own website.

Format Your Service Pages Properly

Main service splash pages serve as an excellent opportunity to attract a wide range of prospective customers, while also letting the search engines know that you’re taking the content and formatting of your site seriously.  As mentioned above, the most effective service pages will include a nicely-distributed mix of header tags, carefully-named images, and an SEO friendly overview of the service you’re offering.

Think Like a New Customer

As you go about the process of formatting your primary service page, ignore the temptation to write in a manner that’s super edgy or overly verbose, especially if it comes at the expense of ignoring essential search terms and keyword phrases.  An easy way to accomplish this is to constantly be mindful of the words you type when searching for something, and then apply the same principals to your own service headers and overview descriptions.

Learn More About Service Page Optimization from Evolution Marketing

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