When we talk about things like SEO, search engine optimization and page rank, we’re really talking about a complex grouping of essential practices, strategies and insights that, together, make it possible for a website to find its way to Page One.  Ironically, one of the most overlooked and underappreciated aspects of the entire SEO process, is written content.  Because it makes no difference how pretty or well-developed your website is; if the content is suffering, you’re going to have a very difficult time moving up in the listings.

We could go into a lengthy discussion about the desire to tell a story versus the need to optimize a website, but for now, let’s just concentrate on the basics… what the search engines are looking for, how to provide it, and what NOT to do when populating your content fields.

Provide Website Visitors with Something Original

Anyone who writes content for a living knows how easy it can be to fluff one’s way through a project, especially if the topic is one that you’re not familiar with or keen on writing about.  However, if your goal is to consistently move up the page on Google and other major search engines, it’s imperative that you provide your visitors with something to read that hasn’t already been written thousands of times on similar or competing websites.

Simply proclaiming your business as the best in the area, the most experienced, the lowest priced, etc., won’t cut it these days.  Take your visitors deeper, leave them with something they can benefit from and, more importantly, something that will instantly connect you to memory.

Avoid the Temptation to Copy, Paste and Edit

There are a lot of reasons why people steal other’s original content. For starters, digital plagiarism is not enforced in the same way that it is with books, magazines and other print media.  And being honest, it also saves research and writing time, and there’s little anyone can do to prove that the content was actually repackaged.  But we live in a world of AI and super-advanced algorithms, and they’re not so easily fooled.

Remember, we’re not taking about an editor in a room looking for similarities.  It’s more along the lines of Albert Einstein scanning your content at the speed of light with perfect analytical precision, while simultaneously comparing it to everything else that’s been published online.  The search engines know who wrote what first, and anyone copying and detail-tweaking content is taking a massive risk with their page rank.

Know Your Visitor and Write to Their Search Habits

Before you write a single word, you should ask yourself something: “What specific words will my prospective customer be typing in when looking for what I’m offering?”  Think about what sent them to the search engine in the first place, and put yourself in their unique position.  What would you type into the search engine field if you were searching for something similar?  What words would you use, what specific phrasing?  And what would you be expecting to find on the other end of the search?

After contemplating that, develop your ability to seamlessly weave those same phrases into the body of your text, while avoiding the pitfall of regurgitating old clichés and overly-used phrasing.  It’s the originality of your content—coupled with the benefit and relevance it provides—that will inevitably result in your name coming up higher in the search results.

Consider Working with a Professional Writer

Professional writing is an odd life calling.  Those who have the gift have it, know it, and are incredibly passionate about their art.  And yet, there are countless talented people out there who believe they can write, but are abysmal at it.  If you have any doubts about your ability to mesh leading-edge SEO with a perfectly-penned, informative piece of website content, don’t risk it.

Working with a website development company that utilizes knowledgeable, accomplished professional writers will ensure that your content is clean, unique and structured in a manner that’s both attractive to the search engines and capable of conveying whatever message you’re trying to get across.

Learn More About the Importance of Well-written Website Content

If you read this entire article, first, thanks!  But more importantly, it should provide you with a bit of editorial reinforcement on each of the points we covered, throughout.  If you take your website’s page rank seriously and have suspicions that old, outdated or poorly-written content might be dragging it down, Evolution Marketing can help.  Our content writers are true masters of their craft, with expert-level knowledge of SEO, and experience within an extensive spectrum of tones, styles and industries.

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