By now, it's safe to assume that many of you are familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), and why it is so essential in getting your website found online. Interestingly enough, a large percentage of the online business community remains in-the-dark with regard to how to properly optimize a website. As we will discuss, perhaps the most important thing you can do, is to make sure that your site contains only 100% original website content.

Search Engines Look for Original Content

The words and writing on your website do more than simply inform, educate and showcase products & services you offers. Well-written original web content is one of the most strongest influences on whether or not new and prospective customers are able to find you online.

The days of content being used exclusively to describe your business, though still worthwhile, are all but gone. Today, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others rely on the content of your website, in order to generate the most accurate search results. If your content does not include a nice mix of key search terms in their ideal order, you may never see your company atop page one.

Well-Written Websites Consistently Rank Higher

There is no longer any argument on whether or not well-written websites rank higher than those with cliché, outdated or copy/pasted content. Incredibly-complex algorithms are used to return websites with unique content that most closely matches the users search entry. The more original and relative your site's copy, the more likely you are to rank higher over time.

Headers, Tags and Page Titles are Ultra Important

Part of a well-written SEO website, includes headers, tag lines, meta descriptions and other SEO elements that closely tie in to your websites core search terms. If you're unsure of this, it's something that a professional SEO content writer or web developer can assist with.

If your website is not seeing the traffic you feel it deserves, there's a good chance your content could be dragging you down.